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Custom Built PC's

Our Custom Built PC's feature the latest technology to insure that they will not be outdated as soon as you buy them. Crucial Computers does not compete with Dell, Gateway and other various “Big Name” companies that claim to sell you a quality product. Any PC purchased from us is guaranteed to be far superior in every way to a “Big Name PC”. Every Custom Built PC comes with an optional 3 year warranty that covers parts and on-site labor charges offering you complete peace of mind with your computer system.
Many applications and games are requiring more and more power and RAM to run them. A powerful video card is a must also.  You can be assured that a Custom Built PC by us will live up to the ever changing future.

For businesses, we offer our basic workstation setups. They include a mouse, keyboard, PC, monitor, and a UPS.  They come with everything needed to perform office applications. Please refer to our networking page for more information about on-site setup.


There are 2 main types of Custom Built PC's that we offer:
AMD Based Systems (Our most popular and recommended)

Intel Based Systems (2 to 4 times the cost for the same performance level)

    You can select the level of computer intensity you would be most interested in. We will get back with you in a few business days to quote you a price on your custom built pc or just come down to our storefront

A custom computer consists of:  A motherboard,RAM (Memory), 1 or more video cards,  a CPU,  CPU heat sink, hard drive, hard drive cooler, DVD or BLU-RAY burner/reader, power supply, case and uninterruptible power supply (U.P.S.) to be safe from power issues. In addition you will need a monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse.  We have various levels of each component so that you can design your own, "Dream Machine" at a great price. In addition, we have case lighting, lighted fans, very hard to find cables (at prices that will make you cry)  digital TV cards,  and so much more.


Why Build with ASUS? Why pick ASUS over Apple?

Many people buy and suffer with an Apple computer.  Its expensive, simplistic and built for beginners.  Very much like the iOS vs. Android controversy.  iOS is easy to use but Android is more versatile for the knowledgeable user.  Since the hardware used in Windows and Apple is essentially the same, the choice falls down to which operating system one wants.  Or does it?!?  Apples are supposed to be virus free. A big selling point!  However there are a few viruses that are Apple specific and they are very nasty.  What should you do? Asus, the highest quality hardware manufacturer has beat the virus problem for Windows based computers.  A separate resident system is built into most premium ASUS motherboards.  Express Gate is a built in operating system that that does not depend on Windows.  It is next to impossible to get a virus using it.  Imagine being free from the fear of getting a virus on the Internet while still having a proper computer for serious work.  It doesn’t take the place of Windows but it has a web browser the is Firefox based, a graphical user interface, a Skype VoIP client, and a Pidgin based chat client.  It also includes Adobe Flash Player.

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